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Nothing’s New

Ever since Photoshop made it easier and quicker, some people may have forgotten that editing photos is not new.

Once upon a time, an 82 year-old lady came into my studio and mentioned that her husband had been a photographer, and she had been a ‘retoucher’ – it was a career choice even then.

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Making an Entrance

Looks like fun!

Find us on Facebook

The Steve Holcroft Photography presence on Facebook has changed from a Group to a Page. Without boring the pants off you, the main difference is that you don’t actually have to belong to Facebook to go take a look at it.

It’s designed to be interactive though, so please add comments, thoughts etc., and take a look at the upcoming Events and Links.

I’m particularly excited by the new Videos that I think I’ll be adding regularly. I found a piece of music that just works perfectly for weddings.
Turn the volume up – you’ll like this!

Time Capsule

Try this

Every couple of weeks, you get sent a photo from your Flickr account from a year ago – supposed to hit the nostalgia-nerve. Watch the video at the bottom of the page and tell me you didn’t almost cry!

Cool website

See, the internet does spring some pleasant surprises sometimes. There’s a lot of rubbish out there, but now and then you come across something special. I could be accused of attempting to promote this site if I’m not careful, but I’m not related nor paid by, I just think it’s a great idea.

Basically, you upload a bunch of images, select a tune (or upload one) and it creates a video for you – each one being unique. 30-second videos are free, but you can buy longer ones.

What the Duck

A cartoon strip for photographers. What next?!

What the Duck

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