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Merry Christmas

I suppose posting photos of Bowness piers underwater didn’t help, but it seems that most people still think Cumbria is flooded and all our road bridges have been destroyed. It’s certainly been bad in some corners, mostly in the north of the county, but Bowness and Windermere were only affected for a day, and then only down by the lake. People with property on the lakeshore have had a bad time, but the towns themselves are open for business as usual. But it’s been pretty quiet.

I don’t particularly rely too much on one type of customer – I have a good mix of locals and visitors – but I know that lots of people have said how quiet it’s been. Let’s hope the New Year is better.

For now, I’ll say Merry Christmas with a lazy photograph – this chap is stood outside right now (yes, it snowed, but only for ten minutes) so I only had to stand in my doorway to take¬† a picture.


Evie Grace

Evie Grace is just a little over three months old, still quite small and with a great head of hair. Her Mum and Dad brought her in to get some photos before she starts growing properly and changes day by day.




Passport to where?

I do passport photos. Hundreds. Well some are for bus passes, library cards, Home Office ID etc. One bloke had some done just to show his daughter his bandages after an operation. Some of the best ‘characters’ are the people that come in for a passport photo. You get their life story in five minutes. It brightens up my day.

The only downside is that it’s traditional to hate your passport photo, and for a professional who tries to make every photo as good as it can be, it can be hard listening to the inevitable groan when the customer sees it in print.

And then I realised I had to do my own – talk about pressure.


I’d like to say I don’t know the criminal on the left, but it defines ‘mugshot’ doesn’t it? All that’s missing is a chalkboard with some numbers on it. It is in fact a perfectly acceptable ID photo and as good or better than you’d get from a machine. But professional pride wouldn’t let me settle for that, so I came up with the more handsome version on the right, taken only two days apart, but after a shave and a bit more sleep.

Please excuse the staring eyes – I’m trying to find the camera in a darkened studio without my glasses on, having set the timer, pressed the button, run round the front, sat down on a stool and caught my breath. You guys have it easy.

All of which made me think I should offer a ‘Posh Passport’ service – take more time, charge a little more, and get a few less groans!

Justin Focus

I spent last Sunday wandering around Halls 9+10 of the NEC in Birmingham, along with 25% of the country’s photographers – the other 75% will be spread out over Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, no doubt.
I planned it like a military operation, with a map and a highlighter pen and everything.
And then I stood in a queue.
For half an hour.

Once inside though, I whizzed around the stands I’d earmarked, which were mainly album suppliers. There are a lot of them out there, catering for all sorts of tastes. Favourites were Queensberry for their top quality and classy finish, Graphistudio for the sheer range, Sim2000 and Booked Images for ‘Coffee Table’ books. Meanwhile Blurb come at things from the Print-on-Demand angle and should have the other companies worried.


Don’t Ask. Just…don’t ask. Suffice to say I’m an animal lover and no dogs were hurt in the making of this photograph, and despite appearances, no electric shocks were involved either. This is the irrepressible ¬†Harvey bouncing around my studio just before Christmas.


And this is his mate Digby inspecting my lens.


Cocker Hoop

Looks like Lady the Cocker Spaniel has just eaten, but it was her friend Lola who licked my lens. I photographed Lola last year when she was a similar size to Lady now. They get on very well with only a little bit of play-fighting. It’s always a bit tempting to put the camera down and just play with the dogs, but I have to remember to do my job.

Family Pregnancy Portrait

Just to prove it’s not all about artistic nudes and bare bumps and whatnot, I asked a friend if she’d like some photos with her children – just before giving birth to the latest addition to the family. Of course the idea was to get the bump in there too, but with his little sisters in shot as well. I’m sure this will not be the last time the little chap is fussed over and prodded by his older siblings.

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