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OK, so I said all summer that it didn’t rain as much in Cumbria as they say it does on the news. Now the whole world knows that it tends to rain pretty heavily in Cumbria.

The base of this letterbox is up some steps about 6ft above the ‘normal’ lake surface.

Says it all really.

Wonder what the wildlife make of it.


Don’t Do This…

What the Duck


The biggest photo library

OK, it’s an advert for Kodak but I like the sentiment.

6 in 11

Six weddings in eleven days.
In July.
In the Lake District.
And not a drop of rain.
Sack the weather forecasters.

As soon as the school holidays began, so did the doom and gloom about the weather, just to cover their backs in case anyone gets wet.
The glorious weather we’ve had since April quickly forgotten.

I have photographic evidence that it ain’t that bad – see the next six posts!



Wedding Venue: Merewood, Windermere

I seem to be getting a lot of enquiries for weddings at the Merewood Hotel just lately. I’ve done four weddings there since the end of June, ranging from photos on the lawn in front of the hotel, to indoor winter weddings. I’ve always managed to get outside at some point, if only for a few minutes.

There are lots of options at the Merewood for layouts, and I don’t think I’ve ever been to any two weddings that have been the same in that respect – great for the customers.

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