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Evie Grace

Evie Grace is just a little over three months old, still quite small and with a great head of hair. Her Mum and Dad brought her in to get some photos before she starts growing properly and changes day by day.





Mother and Baby

Thank you to Lisa, Richard and Libby who came all the way across the Pennines this week especially for their portrait session, staying over in Windermere the night before to make sure Libby got a good night’s sleep. This is a quiet moment but I could tell that Libby will be an active sort once she gets on her feet!

Monthly Pregnancy Portrait

I finished this project a few weeks early thanks to this young man’s early arrival – he’s barely ten days old. We never did get the chance to do the ‘eight month’ shot, as his mum rang to say she’d had a little boy!  I have a feeling this type of pregnancy portrait will be a popular option, at least first time around. Although I’m reliably informed that different babies can produce very different ‘bumps’, so who knows?



Bump 2

This is the little man behind the pregnancy portrait below. He’s just five weeks old and has no idea why his dad is holding him on his outstretched arm, but it does look good doesn’t it? I was lucky to get just enough eye contact for a split second to make the image that bit more powerful.

Baby Jim

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