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Karen & Simon, Beech Hill, Windermere

Normally when someone asks if I’m available in August, they mean next August. Not Karen & Simon. They meant ‘in three weeks time’. And why not?

It was a Monday and thankfully I was free because it was  a lot of fun.

Cute kids, a good start…


Forget ‘Bownessie’, this is photographic proof that August wasn’t a washout.


…which made the trip on the lake even better.


Although you do get chased by random strangers 🙂



Colette & Liam, Beech Hill Hotel, Windermere

The kilt-count was very high at this all-scottish wedding at the Beech Hill Hotel overlooking Windermere.

A kid, in a kilt, handing over the rings – guaranteed ‘aahh factor’…


Of course Colette & Liam looked fabulous too, as even the swan noticed…


Jessica & Daniel, Beech Hill Hotel, Bowness

I could tell you what was said to cause Jess and Daniel such merriment at this particular moment on their wedding day, but that wouldn’t be fair – funny, but not fair.

Let’s just say lots of these had been opened…

Leading to this sort of caper…

Nicola & Paul, Beech Hill Hotel, Bowness

Good job I had my sunblock with me again last Sunday as the morning gloom lifted into a baking hot afternoon, just in time for Nicola & Paul’s ceremony at the Beech Hill Hotel. In fact they’d had good weather the night before and enjoyed a barbecue on the hotel’s terrace with family and friends.

The view across Windermere was as clear as I’ve ever seen it in the summer – none of the usual haze to block the views of the mountains. They’re off to even warmer climates now – enjoy your cruise guys.

Unusual Wedding Custom No.47…

Caroline & Simon’s Wedding, Beech Hill Hotel

Another fantastic wedding day and the weather was kind again – bright but with enough white clouds to keep the glare (and sunburn) away while we were out on the lawn and by the lake.

I don’t know what Pam is looking for but it’s making Caroline laugh!

Reflecting on the preparations…

I think I found the Bogeyman…

The happy couple…

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