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Andrea & Paul, Birkdale & Castle Green, Kendal

A trip down to Birkdale in Southport for me at the end of July. Andrea and Paul got married at their local Methodist church, before heading up the motorway to the Castle Green Hotel in Kendal for the reception.

An unusually spacious church was a real pleasure…


This was a joyful ceremony. Live music and lots of proper singing!


A wander through the grounds with the family at the Castle Green hotel…


One way to work up an appetite for your wedding brerakfast is to put your trainers on and walk up a hill…apparently.

Kendal Castle is a favourite spot for Andrea & Paul.



The Heron Gets it

Shot a wedding at Muncaster Castle, near Ravenglass, on Saturday. A very pleasant location with a lovely couple (Rob & Kirstie) and – crucially for me – helpful staff. I was quickly shown the back passage (!) where the servants (in the olden days) would have scurried to-and-fro, and where us workers still do! Despite grizzly clouds overhead, it was dry enough to get everyone outside and let them drink too much Pimms on the lawn.

Where the hours go on a wedding day I’ve no idea, but no sooner had I arrived and got ready at 12:30, than it was suddenly 5pm and time to go. I stuck around awhile letting my head stop spinning before the 40 mile drive home, and took some photos of the herons in the trees nearby. Then I managed to knock 6 miles off that trip by going over Corney Fell instead of round it. What a find! I love it when I come across a corner of the Lake District I’ve never seen before, despite (gulp) 25 years of visiting or living here.

Rob & Kirstie   The Heron Gets it   Heron House

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