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Making an Entrance

Looks like fun!


Michelle & Daniel, Wetherall

Two weddings this December and I had already been lucky with weather at the first one. So to get bright sun and a crisp frosty morning was about as good as it gets at this time of year. Michelle and Daniel (and their bridesmaids & ushers) were keen to make the most of it, even if it was a bit too chilly for us to stay out long.

The groom & best man just looking for the emergency exits…


A few (very) last-minute adjustments…


Wow, you don’t get out of the singing even when you’re the bride & groom…


Spacious church grounds in Wetheral village…and a beautiful bride, obviously.


The last shot, just before the couple sat down for their wedding breakfast…


Sarah & Jeremy, St.Martins & Lindeth Howe

Sarah asked me to photograph her preparations on Sunday, before heading off to the service at St.Martin’s church in Bowness. It was all very chilled, as was the champagne.

The Lindeth Howe hotel was the backdrop for the reception.

Joanne & Joseph, St.Peters Church, Finsthwaite

Ouch. I could feel the sunburn before the end of the day. And I’d put cream on beforehand too. Who says it rains all the time in the Lake District?

Jo and Jo had a great day for their wedding at Finsthwaite’s St. Peter’s church before heading home for a marquee reception. At least it was a little cooler in there.

Thanks you two, see you after the summer.


A quiet moment away from the crowd…

Obviously not as easy as it looks…

Neither was this…

It Shouldn’t Happen to a (Wedding) Photographer…

…But it does. That’s why lots of highly successful photographers run screaming from the thought of shooting weddings, and why it’s a job that will always be underestimated. Dealing with people is an obvious skill when you decide to get into this particular photographic niche, but it’s not always the wedding guests we’re talking about. Last month, I shot a wedding at the church in Bowness right at the bottom of the hill and main shopping street. Weddings usually attract attention from tourists and this was no exception. I felt like a paparazzi as I framed a shot of the bride and her father entering the church doorway as the service was about to begin. Hundreds of people were watching behind me over the churchyard wall.

What I couldn’t see through my camera was that a ‘man of a certain age’ was about to walk straight across the back of the bride’s dress without a thought to anything but his own curiosity, but it wasn’t over yet. As I stood up I banged into two Japanese tourists who’d decided it was a good idea to lean over the squatting wedding photographer and get their own pictures.

The service itself was a welcome relief (!) and a chance to get good photographs before the mayhem began outside again. After some time in the grounds, bride & groom jumped into their vintage Bentley while I jumped into my car and waited to follow them. As their car came past, I indicated and pulled out into a decent gap behind them , much to the annoyance of Joe Bloggs in his red sports car who obviously wasn’t used to people doing that. And then I got screamed at by a cyclist who took exception to me taking the photograph below from the driving seat of my car. I know it was naughty and that it’s a bit bigger than a mobile phone, but technically I still had my eyes on the road – and through a very expensive lens. And it was all happening at such eye-watering speeds that the irate cyclist was able to overtake both of us. Some people have no sense of fun!


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