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Louise & Darren, Belmount Hall

Even I thought Louise’s Mum was being optimistic when she said the weather would be wonderful at St.Andrews Church in Coniston as Louise was getting ready. The hailstones over Hawkshead Hill did nothingĀ  to allay my fears, but somehow, after the ceremony, the rain subsided and gave way to a glorious afternoon.


St.Andrews in Coniston


No, I didn’t make them do it! The ground was still wet from the rain so to save Louise’s dress, Darren just picked her up. Looks like fun…


A ‘moody’ sky so common in these parts. At least it gave us a beautiful afternoon…


Belmount Hall has a fabulous staircase for photographs…



Grass Stains

Aren’t kids great? Well, at weddings they are anyway. Always up to something. When I give the bride and groom a break I go looking for other stuff and if there are kids around that’s the first place to look.

Imagine if the groom and his mates rolled down a grass bank in their expensive waistcoats? Now there’s a shot I’d like to see!


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