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Choosing a Wedding Venue

I don’t envy couples trying to choose a wedding venue in the Lake District – there are just so many, and every one is different. I genuinely do not know which one I would choose if I was in that position. And as a photographer they are all different again: great gardens, great views, great buildings. And I get to turn up and take photos.
These are just a few of the venues I visit from time to time.


Claire & Mark, Cragwood Hotel

It was a packed day on Saturday at the Cragwood Country House Hotel for Claire & Mark’s wedding. The weather even relented awhile to let us get out on the lake in a boat after the wedding breakfast and speeches.

That smile was beaming all day.

Spot the junior photographer checking if he got the shot.

Wellies…never a bad idea in the Lake District.

Bride & Groom get the party started.

They Think It’s All Over…It is now!

August, that is, peak season for us wedding photographers. Eleven weddings in barely a month and I’m still here to talk about it. I’ve more to come of course, but not quite as fast and furious as the relentless hit of two or three in a row in the middle of last month. Mandy & Lee’s wedding at the Cragwood hotel was right at the peak-of-the-peak…so to speak, and involved a spectacular entrance – in a Robinson helicopter which landed on the lawn, much to the surprise of the best man, from whom it had been kept a secret along with almost everybody else.

Grand Entrance

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