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Nevermind the photographs – Why your photographer could be the most important part of your wedding day.

Nobody is better placed to help your wedding day along than your chosen photographer. A bold statement, but stay with me.

You’ve paid out a small fortune for other people to look after everything, and you’ll be a little bit pre-occupied of course, what with getting married etc.

The groom will go along with whatever you want, darling. As will dads. Men, huh?

Mums will help a little, enough, or a lot…I’m not going there.

And your friends have come for the party.

Your cake and flowers will be delivered. The DJ will set up later.

The venue will feed and water you. And the 90 other people you’ve invited. But not at the church, or on the boat, or even the dancefloor.

Only your photographer will be focused on you through all of it. To record the day’s events, we have to always be there…around…watching. Not in your face, in the background. Experience tells us when to expect things to happen, when to nudge them along and when to stay out of the way. We might take photos of your flowers, your table plans, your decorations, but we will always know where you are and when. Right up until it’s time to leave.

We’ve joked with grooms and best men to calm their nerves.

We’ve told the bride she looks wonderful seconds before she faces the world.

We’ve asked the flower girls to jump on the page boys, just to see what happens.

We’ve filled-up when your dad’s voice cracked during his speech.

We’ve worked out which is your mum and which is your stepmum.

We’ve made friends with your labrador!

We’ve taken you both aside for a few minutes to give you a breather and remind you you’re there for each other.

Oh, and we’ve taken a few photographs too!



The most important question to ask about your wedding photographer

“Will the photos be good?” – Goes without saying – they ought to be.

“Is it good value?” – a tough one, and almost there…

But no, the most important question to ask about your photographer, is “what will he/she be like when dropped in a room with a hundred strangers?” This is the most underestimated, yet crucial, skill of the modern wedding photographer, particularly if you’re looking for reportage, or a natural style, with fewer formal photos.

This is why it’s recommended to meet your photographer before the day, before you book really. There’s no black and white on this, it’s a personal thing. Different photographers may handle it in different ways. I like to think I’m quite good at getting on with people, not offending anyone. It’s good for future business and it’s especially good for a smooth wedding day.

Now, where’s my whip?!

(I won’t say what these ladies were singing two seconds before this was taken – suffice to say they were enjoying themselves.)


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