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Don’t Ask. Just…don’t ask. Suffice to say I’m an animal lover and no dogs were hurt in the making of this photograph, and despite appearances, no electric shocks were involved either. This is the irrepressible  Harvey bouncing around my studio just before Christmas.


And this is his mate Digby inspecting my lens.



Cocker Hoop

Looks like Lady the Cocker Spaniel has just eaten, but it was her friend Lola who licked my lens. I photographed Lola last year when she was a similar size to Lady now. They get on very well with only a little bit of play-fighting. It’s always a bit tempting to put the camera down and just play with the dogs, but I have to remember to do my job.

A special pet portrait

A few months ago, the quiet road where I live got a little bit quieter. Murphy had succeeded in being a puppy for almost fifteen years, but age catches us all sooner or later. He still wanted to play – the toy in the picture below was only brought out at the last minute in case he chased it all around the studio. He was the sort of dog that nobody could dislike. A bit daft, but always fun.

Dog Gone

Never let it be said that I can’t make people relax in my studio. Well, animals anyway. After giving Lyric the golden retriever a little while to sniff around and suss the place out, she promptly lay down and dozed off, presumably not realising that she was in fact the centre of attention.

Now what is it they say about sleeping dogs….?


Say What?

Say What?

This is Ellie. Eight stones of solid muscle. An American Bulldog, apparently. She has a lovely temperament. No, really, she does, but even if she didn’t, who would I be to argue?

I did a portrait session for Ellie and her devoted owners last week. Good job I like dogs really, but they’re actually easier than kids. Kids can pull faces or refuse to look cute. Dogs can’t. End of.

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