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Find us on Facebook

The Steve Holcroft Photography presence on Facebook has changed from a Group to a Page. Without boring the pants off you, the main difference is that you don’t actually have to belong to Facebook to go take a look at it.

It’s designed to be interactive though, so please add comments, thoughts etc., and take a look at the upcoming Events and Links.

I’m particularly excited by the new Videos that I think I’ll be adding regularly. I found a piece of music that just works perfectly for weddings.
Turn the volume up – you’ll like this!



Thinking I was being clever, I wondered whether anyone had mixed up ‘Myspace’ and ‘Facebook’, only to find that ‘Myface’ and ‘Spacebook’ do, indeed, exist, and are both similar ‘networking’ websites.

I’ll give them both a miss I think, but I have set up accounts on the former two. You never know where the next wedding booking will come from!

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