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Andrea & Paul, Birkdale & Castle Green, Kendal

A trip down to Birkdale in Southport for me at the end of July. Andrea and Paul got married at their local Methodist church, before heading up the motorway to the Castle Green Hotel in Kendal for the reception.

An unusually spacious church was a real pleasure…


This was a joyful ceremony. Live music and lots of proper singing!


A wander through the grounds with the family at the Castle Green hotel…


One way to work up an appetite for your wedding brerakfast is to put your trainers on and walk up a hill…apparently.

Kendal Castle is a favourite spot for Andrea & Paul.



Johanna & Scott

You might raise an eyebrow if I said I took photos ’round the back of the registry office’. But Kendal’s has an unfair advantage: location.
Even better, at the end of this short walk is a stretch of the River Kent that not even every local knows about.
After the ceremony we drove to Ambleside and the Waterhead Hotel by the shore of Windermere.


Kate & Chris, Kendal & Windermere

After getting married, in Kendal, Kate and Chris just had to get some photos down by the lake last week. The snow was still on the mountain tops and gave us a fantastic backdrop.


Kate’s daughter & bridesmaid Jess…


Jackie & Wayne, Belsfield Hotel, Bowness

Following a ceremony in Kendal, I went with Jackie and Wayne to the Belsfield Hotel in Bowness, for their intimate, family reception. We had a laugh while we walked around the gardens, taking pictures and stumbling in potholes (not me!).

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