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Family Pregnancy Portrait

Just to prove it’s not all about artistic nudes and bare bumps and whatnot, I asked a friend if she’d like some photos with her children – just before giving birth to the latest addition to the family. Of course the idea was to get the bump in there too, but with his little sisters in shot as well. I’m sure this will not be the last time the little chap is fussed over and prodded by his older siblings.


Here’s Looking at You

To complete the trio of ‘kids at weddings shots’, here are two budding snappers just managing to keep their fingers out of the way of the lens, which is more than I could do at their age!
Cool suits.



You can’t plan this, you just have to be ready for anything!


Grass Stains

Aren’t kids great? Well, at weddings they are anyway. Always up to something. When I give the bride and groom a break I go looking for other stuff and if there are kids around that’s the first place to look.

Imagine if the groom and his mates rolled down a grass bank in their expensive waistcoats? Now there’s a shot I’d like to see!


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