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Helen & Andy, Langdale Chase

I once overheard a wedding guest say, “You can feel your blood pressure drop when you come up here.” At the time we were on a boat on Coniston Water, but whichever lake you choose, it’s got to be a good way to spend the afternoon or evening.

So, after a ceremony and meal at the Langdale Chase on Windermere, Helen & Andy took their guests out on ‘Silverholme’ for an hour or so.

Anna-Kate tunes up before the ceremony


Don’t drop the camera, Don’t drop the camera, Don’t drop the camera…


Bride & Groom in the gardens at Langdale Chase


It’s like waiting for a bus…only nicer. And how many buses have bars on board?


It’s no use, she asked for Guinness


Off to the bar…probably



Nicole & Jeremy, Langdale Chase, Windermere

After meeting most of their family on the Sunday evening, I photographed Nicole & Jeremy’s wedding the next day at the Langdale Chase.

Jeremy’s first sight of Nicole as she walked into the Great Hall for the marriage ceremony.


Nicole looked fantastic in a stunning dress…

IMG_0601-01 make people smile, just get them to face into a stiff breeze coming off a large lake…


A wander through Langdale Chase’s fabulous grounds…


And a game of boules on the lawn for good measure…


Iselin & Christopher, Langdale Chase, Windermere

Iselin & Christopher’s wedding was in international affair at the Langdale Chase in July. Most of the wedding party originated from either Norway or the United States. Many live and work in the UK, and most had travelled long distances to be at the ceremony in the Lake District.

Good job then that the weather did its bit to show off the scenery.

Every bride has to open a bottle of Champagne with her bridesmaids. It’s the law…



The customary Cravat- Check just before the ceremony…


The reason they chose the Lake District…


I think they liked the cake…


Helen & Bryan, Langdale Estate

A proper scorcher this one – had to top up the suncream during a brief break before whisking Helen & Bryan down the road to a favourite location for some more shots.

Langdale is one of the most popular valleys in the Lake District – with good reason. It’s fairly accessible but has fabulous views whichever way you look.

This is at the Langdale Estate, hidden by the trees…


Always best not to sniff the flowers too hard…IMG_0213

A favourite location not far away that shall remain secret -ish…


Choosing a Wedding Venue

I don’t envy couples trying to choose a wedding venue in the Lake District – there are just so many, and every one is different. I genuinely do not know which one I would choose if I was in that position. And as a photographer they are all different again: great gardens, great views, great buildings. And I get to turn up and take photos.
These are just a few of the venues I visit from time to time.

Suzy & Joel, Langdale Chase, Windermere

The Langdale Pikes always provide a great backdrop, but the snow on the tops on Monday was a bonus and a little bit different. A winter wedding is always a gamble weather-wise, but Suzy & Joel’s party was small enough to find shelter indoors if we needed it. As it happened, we didn’t, and wandered the gardens instead.


Even the swans came out to play


Had a busy day


Louise & Richard, Winster Church & Langdale Chase

Having the church service on Friday meant all the official stuff was over and done with prior to the big party at the Langdale Chase Hotel on Saturday, which gave things a very relaxed feel. Not that there was much time for sitting around as there was plenty going on to keep everybody busy – food, drink, boat trips and, well, take a look…

Bubbles. Guaranteed to keep kids occupied…or wind them into a frenzy, depending on how you look at it! But great for photos.

Silhouettes. Low sun late afternoon in September, walking out over Windermere at the Langdale Chase Hotel.

Who’d have thought the ghost of Elvis would appear in a country house hotel in Cumbria? I even took the picture in classic, ghostly, grainy, blurry style!

Oh alright, it wasn’t a ghost. It was the real thing. Well, as good as. He deserves an ad – his name is Rob Kingsley and he’s extremely good.

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