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Suzy & Joel, Langdale Chase, Windermere

The Langdale Pikes always provide a great backdrop, but the snow on the tops on Monday was a bonus and a little bit different. A winter wedding is always a gamble weather-wise, but Suzy & Joel’s party was small enough to find shelter indoors if we needed it. As it happened, we didn’t, and wandered the gardens instead.


Even the swans came out to play


Had a busy day



The most important question to ask about your wedding photographer

“Will the photos be good?” – Goes without saying – they ought to be.

“Is it good value?” – a tough one, and almost there…

But no, the most important question to ask about your photographer, is “what will he/she be like when dropped in a room with a hundred strangers?” This is the most underestimated, yet crucial, skill of the modern wedding photographer, particularly if you’re looking for reportage, or a natural style, with fewer formal photos.

This is why it’s recommended to meet your photographer before the day, before you book really. There’s no black and white on this, it’s a personal thing. Different photographers may handle it in different ways. I like to think I’m quite good at getting on with people, not offending anyone. It’s good for future business and it’s especially good for a smooth wedding day.

Now, where’s my whip?!

(I won’t say what these ladies were singing two seconds before this was taken – suffice to say they were enjoying themselves.)


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