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Monthly Pregnancy Portrait

I finished this project a few weeks early thanks to this young man’s early arrival – he’s barely ten days old. We never did get the chance to do the ‘eight month’ shot, as his mum rang to say she’d had a little boy!  I have a feeling this type of pregnancy portrait will be a popular option, at least first time around. Although I’m reliably informed that different babies can produce very different ‘bumps’, so who knows?





Anything that gives people a reason to want to be photographed is a good thing. Of course that could sound purely commercial, me being a photographer and all, but it’s true nonetheless. Looking back over a lifetime of images is a pleasure and a privilege. But who would have thought we’d have Demi Moore to thank for cementing the place of the Pregnancy Portrait in the future family album? There are few more significant times in our family life than when expecting a baby.

Photography is in large part about shapes, and I don’t just mean nude photography. The addition of a shapely bump to the equation only makes things better, gives more choice and creativity.

I owe a big thank you to the subject of this photograph (she knows who she is) for being a wonderful customer, for enjoying the process so much, and for allowing me to use some of the images – I hope your husband likes them as much as everyone else seems to.

Pregnancy Portrait

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