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Sonja & James, Merewood Hotel, Windermere

Many of my wedding clients are visitors to the area, but Sonja & James are local. Which meant that lots of other local people were there. I’ll confess to being more nervous than usual about the weather – as there were 100+ people squeezed into the Merewood Country House Hotel, between Windermere and Ambleside. If it had rained all day, it would have been a little more ‘intimate’ inside. But we were so lucky…

Can’t leave any of your mates out? Put them all in a suit.


Final adjustments.


The old “Why’s there a man with a camera in mummy’s bedroom” look.


What everyone was there for.


Spoilt for beautiful backdrops.


Top class punchline from the best man.


(Almost) the end of the day.



Wedding Venue: Merewood, Windermere

I seem to be getting a lot of enquiries for weddings at the Merewood Hotel just lately. I’ve done four weddings there since the end of June, ranging from photos on the lawn in front of the hotel, to indoor winter weddings. I’ve always managed to get outside at some point, if only for a few minutes.

There are lots of options at the Merewood for layouts, and I don’t think I’ve ever been to any two weddings that have been the same in that respect – great for the customers.

Lynsey & Tony, Merewood Hotel, Windermere

Lynsey & Tony were married at the Merewood Hotel near Windermere this weekend. The weather did its worst and kept us all indoors, except for one ten-minute spell just before everyone sat down to eat. It stopped raining for just long enough to get the bride & groom outside.


Meanwhile, inside, photographing the details is just as important…


Choosing a Wedding Venue

I don’t envy couples trying to choose a wedding venue in the Lake District – there are just so many, and every one is different. I genuinely do not know which one I would choose if I was in that position. And as a photographer they are all different again: great gardens, great views, great buildings. And I get to turn up and take photos.
These are just a few of the venues I visit from time to time.

Ceri & Stephen, Merewood Hotel, Windermere

Just to prove you can get outside, even in November… in the fog. Lots of credit to everyone who braved the temperature, particularly Ceri who must’ve been a bit colder than everyone else. I must add that I didn’t twist anybody’s arm – they were all volunteers, honest!


A few minutes before the ceremony…


Just so I knew who everybody was…


Gemma & Duncan, Merewood Hotel, Windermere

I’ve had some good luck with weather before, but when Gemma & Duncan married at the Merewood last Saturday, the only half hour of blue sky was just after the ceremony, meaning we could at least get outside for some photos, despite the stiff breeze.

It was warm and dry inside, during the ceremony

But there was confetti carnage outside

Joanne & Robin, Merewood Country House

Boy were we lucky with the weather today! It had threatened all week to be a wet weekend and I had umbrella at the ready when I arrived at the Merewood Country House hotel in Windermere. But when the time came, the clouds lifted and held back all afternoon, even allowing us a trip down to the lake after the church service.

Cheeky chappy.

Almost walking on water…

I’m assuming this guy is a close friend? Either that or the most brazen gatecrasher I’ve seen in years!

Back a bit…

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