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Happy New Year

I thought we had a ‘proper’ winter last year, and I think we did in terms of temperature, but this is the most prolonged period of snow I’ve seen in all the time I’ve lived in Cumbria. Actually it’s only snowed two or three days, but it’s been heavy and it’s stuck around.

I found myself wishing I had a 4×4 this week. Not because I couldn’t get around, but because the places you can get are just the main roads, and it would be nice to take my camera to more remote locations. I suppose I’ll have to get kitted out and head for the hills on foot.

So this is Grasmere, frozen and snowbound.


Merry Christmas

I suppose posting photos of Bowness piers underwater didn’t help, but it seems that most people still think Cumbria is flooded and all our road bridges have been destroyed. It’s certainly been bad in some corners, mostly in the north of the county, but Bowness and Windermere were only affected for a day, and then only down by the lake. People with property on the lakeshore have had a bad time, but the towns themselves are open for business as usual. But it’s been pretty quiet.

I don’t particularly rely too much on one type of customer – I have a good mix of locals and visitors – but I know that lots of people have said how quiet it’s been. Let’s hope the New Year is better.

For now, I’ll say Merry Christmas with a lazy photograph – this chap is stood outside right now (yes, it snowed, but only for ten minutes) so I only had to stand in my doorway to take  a picture.

Claire & David, Storrs Hall, Windermere

Rainy-day weddings often bring out the fun side of people even more than if they were stood outside on the lawn on a hot sunny day – there’s a determination to have a good time. Or is it just because it’s a wedding?

I reckon Claire & David’s family and friends were going to have a good time whatever, and I have to say produced the funniest Best Man’s speech of 2009.

I don’t know if they were expecting this, but luckily I was!

This is as ‘outside’ as we got, but it was worth it.

Sonja & James, Merewood Hotel, Windermere

Many of my wedding clients are visitors to the area, but Sonja & James are local. Which meant that lots of other local people were there. I’ll confess to being more nervous than usual about the weather – as there were 100+ people squeezed into the Merewood Country House Hotel, between Windermere and Ambleside. If it had rained all day, it would have been a little more ‘intimate’ inside. But we were so lucky…

Can’t leave any of your mates out? Put them all in a suit.


Final adjustments.


The old “Why’s there a man with a camera in mummy’s bedroom” look.


What everyone was there for.


Spoilt for beautiful backdrops.


Top class punchline from the best man.


(Almost) the end of the day.


Helen & Andy, Langdale Chase

I once overheard a wedding guest say, “You can feel your blood pressure drop when you come up here.” At the time we were on a boat on Coniston Water, but whichever lake you choose, it’s got to be a good way to spend the afternoon or evening.

So, after a ceremony and meal at the Langdale Chase on Windermere, Helen & Andy took their guests out on ‘Silverholme’ for an hour or so.

Anna-Kate tunes up before the ceremony


Don’t drop the camera, Don’t drop the camera, Don’t drop the camera…


Bride & Groom in the gardens at Langdale Chase


It’s like waiting for a bus…only nicer. And how many buses have bars on board?


It’s no use, she asked for Guinness


Off to the bar…probably


Anita & Dan, Cartmel Priory & Racecourse

USA-based Anita & Dan were married in the States in August, but came over to Dan’s parents’ home in Cartmel for a blessing a couple of weeks afterwards. It was effectively a wedding without the ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife’ bit. Because they already were.

The weather looked ominous, so we did some shots in the grand setting of the Priory before the ceremony took place


Followed later by the ceremony itself


Which was watched over by these guys


And their carriage to take them to the reception…


Liz & Paul, The Hydro, Windermere

On the day when the Great North Swim came to Windermere, it was lucky to be able to walk to work, about a quarter mile down the road at the Hydro hotel. Even luckier was the weather – a proper scorcher, in September.

Liz & Paul chose some instantly recogniseable music for the ceremony which raised a chuckle or two.


Confetti…gets everywhere


Not a bad backdrop, just a short walk (or drive) up the hill behind the hotel.


A walk in the woods on the way back.


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