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Not The Weather Forecast

The BBC predicted four solid days of heavy rain in the Lake District over this weekend. So nobody came.

What we actually got was forty minutes of drizzle and four days of empty streets. Thank You London.

My advice would be to never, ever, base your weekends away on a TV weather forecast. The best for the Lake District is this. It’s aimed at walkers but will give you a more accurate idea than anything else.


Weather or Not? Don’t believe the BBC.

Lots of people think that it does nothing but rain in the Lake District, and lots of people might be right…or wrong.

I can’t argue that it seems to rain often here, but as a nation of weather-pessimists, we do tend to exaggerate a little and make it sound worse than it is.

I’ll give you an example: between April and October 2007 I photographed 18 weddings. How many do you think were spent mostly indoors because of bad weather? Five? Ten?


Yep, no joke. Just the one. And even on that day I got the umbrellas out and got the bride and groom outside for some shots in the garden.

You see, the reality is that yes, it does rain, but rarely for long, and pretty soon there’ll be a sunny spell to follow it up and make everything OK again. On 17 out of 18 occassions last summer, I was able to spend as long as we liked outside with a wedding party taking photos on their big day.

I’d love to say I’m a lucky photographer but I won’t because then it’ll rain for six months.

Another thing I’ve learned since moving here five or so years ago is that the BBC weather forecast doesn’t apply to Cumbria. It’s like we have our own microclimate provided by the mountains – weather can stay longer or go sooner than the BBC say it will. This week, the BBC – even Look Northwest – have been telling us all to expect heavier and heavier downpours all week. Not here. In fact it’s been improving every day, and I’m not just saying that so you’ll pay us a visit. Honest

Jessica & Duncan, Linthwaite House

A little rain needn’t dampen a wedding, especially if you’ve brought shoes and a brolly just in case. The tarn at the Linthwaite House hotel in Bowness is a special spot regardless and Jess and Duncan grabbed an umbrella and walked with me through the trees.

As it happens, it turns out that brollies are good props, making people more comfortable being photographed!

A quiet, indoor, moment…

And who knew I’d discover a new double-act?

“…and then he said to her…”

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