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The Photographer That Wasn’t There.

“Thank you for being the photographer that wasn’t there.”

It’s an unusual compliment and even wrong-footed me for a split second, until I realised it meant I’d photographed this wedding in exactly the way they’d hoped. I suppose it’s proof that I’m OK to use words like ‘unobtrusive’, ‘relaxed’ and ‘observational’ in my adverts! It’s not just spin, I’m almost not even there. A ha! ‘Stealth Wedding Photography’. Maybe I’ve invented a new category? I’d better not take to hiding in bushes though. I don’t want to get arrested half-way through a wedding really. I’d need a really long lens to finish the job off from the police station.

Now I’m off to finish working on my cloaking device.



The most important question to ask about your wedding photographer

“Will the photos be good?” – Goes without saying – they ought to be.

“Is it good value?” – a tough one, and almost there…

But no, the most important question to ask about your photographer, is “what will he/she be like when dropped in a room with a hundred strangers?” This is the most underestimated, yet crucial, skill of the modern wedding photographer, particularly if you’re looking for reportage, or a natural style, with fewer formal photos.

This is why it’s recommended to meet your photographer before the day, before you book really. There’s no black and white on this, it’s a personal thing. Different photographers may handle it in different ways. I like to think I’m quite good at getting on with people, not offending anyone. It’s good for future business and it’s especially good for a smooth wedding day.

Now, where’s my whip?!

(I won’t say what these ladies were singing two seconds before this was taken – suffice to say they were enjoying themselves.)


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