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Claire & David, Storrs Hall, Windermere

Rainy-day weddings often bring out the fun side of people even more than if they were stood outside on the lawn on a hot sunny day – there’s a determination to have a good time. Or is it just because it’s a wedding?

I reckon Claire & David’s family and friends were going to have a good time whatever, and I have to say produced the funniest Best Man’s speech of 2009.

I don’t know if they were expecting this, but luckily I was!

This is as ‘outside’ as we got, but it was worth it.


Jackie & Andrew, Storrs Hall, Windermere

This felt like the first real summer wedding of the year. In fact the whole of the Easter holidays had fantastic weather in the Lake District, so my decision to throw a brolly into my car ‘just in case’ was quickly followed by an application of suncream. Good job too, as once the ceremony was over I don’t think anyone went back inside until it was time to eat.

Jackie & Andrew got married at Storrs Hall on the shore of Windermere on Easter Monday and they couldn’t have picked better weather.

The Temple is unique to Storrs Hall, a folly built by one of it’s early owners, and a great place for a photograph. It can be a bit breezy out there.


The heat of the sun in the lounge was making even the bridesmaids nod off before the ceremony.


Pippa & Louisa were fantastic. I have to be honest, it would be pretty hard to take a bad photo of either of them and they loved their part in the day.


…which included letting off the biggest Party Poppers you’ve ever seen!


Choosing a Wedding Venue

I don’t envy couples trying to choose a wedding venue in the Lake District – there are just so many, and every one is different. I genuinely do not know which one I would choose if I was in that position. And as a photographer they are all different again: great gardens, great views, great buildings. And I get to turn up and take photos.
These are just a few of the venues I visit from time to time.

Hollie & Matthew, Storrs Hall, Bowness on Windermere

‘Wet’ doesn’t adequately describe the day before Hollie and Matthew’s wedding at Storrs hall last week. But we got lucky and spent plenty of time outside on the lawn and in the hotel grounds.

Fantastic dress…

A few minutes away from the crowd.

Down by the ‘Temple’ on Windermere, the blustery wind adding to the mood.

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