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Sophie & Andy, The Swan, Newby Bridge

October weddings are a bit of a gamble – you hope they’ll be ‘autumnal’, but are aware the weather could be rubbish. And in the morning it was. Wind, rain, cold, the lot.

But as I spent an hour or so with Sophie and her hairdresser and make-up team, it got brighter and drier outside. By the time the ceremony was over, we even managed a walk alongside the river. OK, it was a tad nippy and the wind was whipping around, but that’s ‘autumnal’.

A last look in the mirror.


Not your average wedding car.


See? It was a beautiful day.


And not a bad setting if you have to be inside at the Swan either.




Suzanne & Andrew, The Swan, Newby Bridge

Thank you to Suzanne and Andrew, whose wedding took place at the Swan Hotel at Newby Bridge on Friday 26th June. It wasn’t just sunny, it was HOT and humid. Luckily, the ballroom where the ceremony was held is air conditioned!

Bottles of essential, life-giving liquid on a day like today…


Not many people actually look good when they’re wearing the wrong jacket, but kids just know how to do it…


I don’t need to know ‘why’ to know that it’s worth taking a photograph…


Anyone work out who the groom supports?


A few quiet minutes amid the fun…


Choosing a Wedding Venue

I don’t envy couples trying to choose a wedding venue in the Lake District – there are just so many, and every one is different. I genuinely do not know which one I would choose if I was in that position. And as a photographer they are all different again: great gardens, great views, great buildings. And I get to turn up and take photos.
These are just a few of the venues I visit from time to time.

Suzy & Joel, Langdale Chase, Windermere

The Langdale Pikes always provide a great backdrop, but the snow on the tops on Monday was a bonus and a little bit different. A winter wedding is always a gamble weather-wise, but Suzy & Joel’s party was small enough to find shelter indoors if we needed it. As it happened, we didn’t, and wandered the gardens instead.


Even the swans came out to play


Had a busy day


Swan Lake – Bowness Floods

OK, so I’ve said before how much it doesn’t rain in the Lake District. Only now and then I get proved badly wrong, and it rains so hard that this happens.


Alison & Justin, The Swan Hotel, Newby Bridge

The Swan Hotel at Newby Bridge has a great interior for photographers. It was dry and bright outside on Alison & Justin’s Wedding day last week, but I took plenty shots inside too.

This the Swan…at Newby Bridge…right on cue.

Swan Lake – Windermere Wedding

People often bring their pet dogs to weddings, but swans are not quite as common. A short walk from the church down to Windermere there are a few jetties to get shots of, with the lake and mountains in the background.

Of course, not knowing exactly what ‘wedding’ means, the swans just assumed we’d come to feed them and probably weren’t too impressed at the distinct lack of bread thrown at them. This one decided to see if me or my camera was edible.


Need to Feed?