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Claire & David, Storrs Hall, Windermere

Rainy-day weddings often bring out the fun side of people even more than if they were stood outside on the lawn on a hot sunny day – there’s a determination to have a good time. Or is it just because it’s a wedding?

I reckon Claire & David’s family and friends were going to have a good time whatever, and I have to say produced the funniest Best Man’s speech of 2009.

I don’t know if they were expecting this, but luckily I was!

This is as ‘outside’ as we got, but it was worth it.


Anshul & Chris, Broad Oaks, Troutbeck, Windermere

The Beautiful gardens at the Broad Oaks hotel in Troutbeck near Windermere gave us a great backdrop, but first things first…

This could almost be a checklist: Make-up – check, Hairdresser – check,  Shoes – check, Jewellery – check.


Please don’t drop her, Please don’t drop her, Please don’t drop her….


The post-confetti clean-up begins


Kelly & Mark, Waterhead, Ambleside

After a small family ceremony at Kendal’s Register office, Kelly and Mark’s reception was held at the Waterhead Hotel, Ambleside.

After weeks of hot weather in the Lake District (yes, really) we were a bit nervous about the cloudy skies. But they broke up and held back the rain long enough for us to go down to the lake and enjoy the views.

How to upstage the bride – Part One. Stand in front of the photographer…


Windermere, Britain’s only sloping lake…


Kelly inspects the dining room…looks good to me…


Suzanne & Andrew, The Swan, Newby Bridge

Thank you to Suzanne and Andrew, whose wedding took place at the Swan Hotel at Newby Bridge on Friday 26th June. It wasn’t just sunny, it was HOT and humid. Luckily, the ballroom where the ceremony was held is air conditioned!

Bottles of essential, life-giving liquid on a day like today…


Not many people actually look good when they’re wearing the wrong jacket, but kids just know how to do it…


I don’t need to know ‘why’ to know that it’s worth taking a photograph…


Anyone work out who the groom supports?


A few quiet minutes amid the fun…


Helen & Bryan, Langdale Estate

A proper scorcher this one – had to top up the suncream during a brief break before whisking Helen & Bryan down the road to a favourite location for some more shots.

Langdale is one of the most popular valleys in the Lake District – with good reason. It’s fairly accessible but has fabulous views whichever way you look.

This is at the Langdale Estate, hidden by the trees…


Always best not to sniff the flowers too hard…IMG_0213

A favourite location not far away that shall remain secret -ish…


Sharran & Mark, Holbeck Ghyll, Windermere

Holbeck Ghyll is where Rene Zelwegger stayed during filming of Miss Potter, so needless to say it’s very nice. The view isn’t too bad either, even through the post-rain mist.


Sharran & Mark were good enough to wander around the grounds with me despite the wet grass. The gardens are so colourful at this time of year.


Champagne on ice…


Photographing beautiful people for a living…it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it…


Jackie & Andrew, Storrs Hall, Windermere

This felt like the first real summer wedding of the year. In fact the whole of the Easter holidays had fantastic weather in the Lake District, so my decision to throw a brolly into my car ‘just in case’ was quickly followed by an application of suncream. Good job too, as once the ceremony was over I don’t think anyone went back inside until it was time to eat.

Jackie & Andrew got married at Storrs Hall on the shore of Windermere on Easter Monday and they couldn’t have picked better weather.

The Temple is unique to Storrs Hall, a folly built by one of it’s early owners, and a great place for a photograph. It can be a bit breezy out there.


The heat of the sun in the lounge was making even the bridesmaids nod off before the ceremony.


Pippa & Louisa were fantastic. I have to be honest, it would be pretty hard to take a bad photo of either of them and they loved their part in the day.


…which included letting off the biggest Party Poppers you’ve ever seen!


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