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Jessica & Duncan, Linthwaite House

A little rain needn’t dampen a wedding, especially if you’ve brought shoes and a brolly just in case. The tarn at the Linthwaite House hotel in Bowness is a special spot regardless and Jess and Duncan grabbed an umbrella and walked with me through the trees.

As it happens, it turns out that brollies are good props, making people more comfortable being photographed!

A quiet, indoor, moment…

And who knew I’d discover a new double-act?

“…and then he said to her…”


Wedding Photography Season

There isn’t one. Not any more. OK, most happens in the summer months, say from April to October, but winter is popular too now. This is probably due to being able to get married in more and more venues, which then become popular on ‘peak’ Saturdays , so people choose to get married mid-week, or out of season. And why not?

In January, Ian and Ann organised, booked and married in the space of a couple of weeks – that’s the way to do it! The venue was the Swan in Newby Bridge, which I knew had some lovely rooms – a bonus for a photographer anytime, but particularly if it’s too wet or cold to get outside. This is something every bride should think about, in England at least. I’ve been very lucky with weather recently – only one wet wedding all summer ’07 – despite most peoples’ memories of that period! But if the interior of your chosen venue has plenty of space for you and your guests to mill around with alcohol in their nervous hands, then the day will go a lot smoother – whatever the weather.

Knowing how nice this window can look, I loitered at the other end of the room waiting for the bride to be almost alone in front of it, but without staging anything.


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